How to decorate your home for a new born ?

Welcoming your baby at home has never been so easy with FestiFinds Balloons ! 

First, the main goal will be to surprise the mother arriving home with the newborn. And there is nothing better than having multiple balloons bouquets and/or ceiling helium balloons to fill out the room. 

Second, the newborn first days are so special, and you may want to immortalise these moments with a beautiful backdrop made of a balloon garland or a balloon arch. Indoor at home they can be easily installed against a wall, probably you won’t need a structure. In addition, balloon backdrops are long-lasting, parents may want to rest a little before have family photos at home later on, which won’t be a problem.

Last, but not least if this is not your first Baby do not forget to have something special for their brother/sister. Personalised with text large balloons or jumbo balloons are a cute attention for them and a nice way to welcome their new sister or brother as well with a text saying, “Big bother Name” or “Big sister Name”.

We promise no stress for the preparation of the balloon decorations, just get in touch with us with the estimated date, any colour preferences you may have, pictures of your home and we will do everything: Design of your Balloon Decor and palette colour, suggest the adequate quantities, prepare everything from our factory and delivery ready-made balloons for a fast installation at your home.

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