About FestivFinds

Hi there! I'm Antonia, the founder of FestivFinds and the creative person behind each Balloon Creation. I have happily created FestivFinds in April 2020 after a reconversion from the Tech World where I worked almost 5 years to the Balloon Industry. And I couldn't make a better choice! How did it come into my mind to quite my secure job to launch myself in the balloons industry and entrepreneurship? I have always been passioned by Aesthetic, Colours, Creativity and the Event Industry, but the idea of the balloons only came into my mind after ordering balloons from a local store in Geneva for one of my sister’s birthday party. I had no idea of what to do with the balloons and after some googling I got a crush for the balloon industry, more specifically the balloon artist profession and its endless creative side (actually this industry exists for over 100 years - isn't it crazy?!). This crush made me then start with professional trainings, a market analysis, a business plan, loans, contracts, lots of risk taking, my first employee hiring and never ending admin which is the less fun part of this business but obviously mandatory!

And after 3 years, we are now a small team based in the artisanal zone of Thônex "the FestivFinds Balloon Decorations Factory" where all the stunning balloon decorations get prepared before heading to all these events we are honoured to be part of!