FestivFinds Balloon Designs and Offerings

FestivFinds creates all kinds of balloon decorations for Private Parties as Proposals, Marriages, Birthdays, Baby Showers and for Business Events as Grand Opening, Staff party, Client party, Product launch.

The balloon decorations will be specifically designed for your event and FestivFinds will take care of every step from the design to the installation of your balloon decoration. 

Discover some of our available Balloon Designs as well as range prices applied per typology and size. Pricing per sizes depends on quantity of standard, pearl, chrome, confetti, pattern or custom balloon colours that are used into a balloon design.

 Air-filled Balloon Designs

Balloon Garland
2 meter range pricing : 140 - 225 frs

Our balloon garlands are perfect for dressing up your next event. They provide a fabulous touch as a photo backdrop or just decor for your dessert table.

Balloon Half-Arch
3,5 meter range pricing : 230 - 360 frs

Balloon Arch
7 meter (2,5 mt height, 2 meter large)
Range pricing : 465 - 720 frs



Balloon Wall
2,5 x 2,5 mt
Range pricing : 515 - 810 frs

Make a statement at your next event with one of our beautiful balloon walls. Our balloon walls are customized to fit the scale of your event.

Balloon Columns
1,80 mt high
Range Pricing 165 - 280
Structure for rental mandatory included

Table center-pieces

 Additions integrated to air-filled Designs

  • Structures for rental
  • Personnalised prints of text or logo on balloons
  • Modelling balloons details
  • Foil balloons
  • Flowers real or artificial for rental
  • Other decorations

Helium-filled Balloon Designs 

Solid-colour large balloons with custom text and hand-made tassels, Balloon bouquets or themed foil balloons are perfect to surprise a person for a special occasion. They are also a great as event decorations and can be assembled in many ways. 

We offer a large variety of helium balloon compositions. Our most requested balloon designs are : 

  • Large Balloons (Clear, Colourful, personalised with text, with LED)
  • Ceiling Balloons (Classic Latex Balloons, Foil Sphere balloons, etc.)
  • Balloon Bouquets (so many options for any budget and size)

You will find prices per unit under our Shop section.

Frequently asked questions

  • How to get the exact price of an air-filled balloon design ?
    Simply fill out the form to request a Custom Balloon Design by selecting your preferred shape and describing your wished colours or if applied the event thematic. With this information, we are able to propose the palette colour and calculate its exact price.
  • What is the difference of using standard colour balloons or custom colour balloons ?
    Balloon Professionals use very often Custom Balloon Colours that allows us to have specific colours, it also gives a better opacity to the balloons and a better final quality and look. We also understand that for kids parties parents do not wish to spend too much and usually go for less elaborated palette colours for Kids Birthdays with standard balloon colours. Unlike first birthdays, milestones birthdays, baptism, weddings, etc. where we mainly work with custom colour palettes.